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From the Hand of Man


Doug Souza was born in 1948 and grew up on a dairy farm outside Woodland, California and has been making art, in some form or another, all his life.

He figures it all stems from growing up in a natural setting and having animals around him all his life. His mother always made sure he had quality art materials. When she passed away when Doug was ten, his grandmother stepped in and made sure he continued his growth as an artist.

When he was eleven years old, he won an art competition sponsored by the local newspaper. It was a big deal to him because it was open to all ages. It was a pencil drawing of George Washington.

As a youngster and growing up six miles from town, he loved his bicycles, as they were his only way of getting around. He got his first two motorcycles on his twelfth birthday. Two junk Army surplus Harley Davidson's that cemented his love for two wheels.

He was spared a lot of work on the ranch because he showed some baseball talent at a young age and was always allowed to spend time in town, practicing and for his games. This love for baseball also contributed to his development as an artist as the first painting he ever sold was to the wife of his boyhood hero, Willie Mays. It was in 1965 and really gave him the confidence to continue developing his art.
He has won lots of awards over the years but he tries not to dwell on them, so he won't get caught up in a rut and unable to continue growing as an artist. 

Doug was honored to be selected as the guest artist at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden, in New York City, in 2010.


He doesn’t often enter art competitions because, being an ex-baseball player, he says he knows what competition is, and “Art is not a competition.” He believes that art is a form of expression and communication through one’s own creativity.

As the title above states, he really appreciates things created and handcrafted by creative minds and busy hands. He says, “Things designed by computer and built by machines are really precise and useful, but things made FROM THE HAND OF MAN have a soul, and will exude that soul forever.”

He now lives with his wife, Maggie, in Yuba City, California to be closer to the subject matter, which he tends to return to most often, in the many wildlife refuges of Northern California.    

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